My name is Rich Soule.

I’m the owner of Rich Soule Racing and an instructor for quite a few other driving schools.

I work as a consultant for C2 Consulting, focusing on Oracle technology projects and adding extensions to Oracle Applications. The views expressed on this blog are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of C2 Consulting.

Prior to C2, I was as an Enterprise Solution Architect for RFD & Associates, an Oracle reseller and software development firm in Austin Texas. Prior to RFD, I worked for Oracle for 14 years.

Additionally I teach in the High Technology Division of Austin Community College. Currently I’m teaching the Oracle Certification program which will enable my students to get their Oracle Certified Professional certification from Oracle.

This is my blog that combines both of my hobbies, Cars and Code,  in one place.


2 responses to “About

  • injected59

    Morning Rich, I found your site by relentless browsing for an answer for- “how to widen body of elegant grunge, or narrow the left hand sidebar” One of your posts (way back in 2011) explained how you did this, but it was a bunch of code which may as well be Chinese for me. Is there any way for me to do this without knowing code??
    Thank you,
    Chris W
    Stillman Valley , IL

  • Rich Soule


    Not really… I might suggest having a friend who knows something about CSS work on it (trade him/her a beer?). It’s actually not all that hard, but of course you’d have to know a thing or two about editing files and such. Note that I’d really like to get the comments to be wider too.


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