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Want to learn driving skills that will make you a better driver on the track and on the street?

Coaching is an investment you take with you every time you get behind the wheel of any vehicle. The same can’t be said of adding a new exhaust or turbo to your current car.

Rich Soule Racing exists to help people become better, safer drivers. Since 2006 I’ve spent two to six days of every month on track, logging thousands of sessions and well over 500,000 track miles. I’ve coached many hundreds of students in everything from very old four door automatics to brand new Ferraris and ACR Vipers. In addition to private instruction I’ve also worked with the following organizations: The Driver’s Edge, Velocity Adventures, Harris Hill Road, NASA, Lotus Owner’s Gathering, Summit Point, BMW CCA, PCA’s CotA Schnell Fests, and AMG 2011 Drive Tour, Edge Addicts, and more. I also raced in NASA TTB from time to time and in the 24 Hours of Lemons, Chump Car, and World Racing League.

I’d love to leverage that experience to help you become a better, safer driver. You’ll also end up being a faster driver too!

Private Coaching

Private coaching is a way for you to very quickly work on specific aspects of high performance driving. If you brand new to driving on a track it is a great way to jump start a driving hobby (or career!). If you have high performance driving experience but are looking to get to the next level, a single private coaching day can often get you there faster than 3 or 4 weekends of regular HPDE (High Performance Drivers Education) events. With a private coaching day you end up with more track time than most events will give you in a weekend.

Classroom instruction in addition to extensive on track instruction can be augmented with data analysis and car set-up advice. All coaching includes the use of a probe type tire pyrometer to set accurate tire pressures for the day.  If there are specific things you would like to work on, the training material can be tailored to your needs.

Private Coaching Rates

A full day of coaching at a local track is $550. We’ll start at track open (or 30 minutes before the track goes hot) and end at track close (or 30 minutes after the track goes cold). We’ll take a break for lunch during the middle of the day.

A half day of coaching at a local track is $300. A half day is around 4 hours and can be arranged around your schedule.

I live 40 minutes from Harris Hill Road and Circuit of the Americas, my local tracks. Remote tracks will add very reasonable travel costs.

With advance notice I can provide and install (double-sided tape/velcro) a Race Keeper data acquisition system in your car for use during the day. It has 1, 2, 3, or 4 cameras, ODBII integration and GPS. The rate is $200 for one day or $300 for two days. If you decide to purchase a Race Keeper system, then a portion of the rental cost will be applied to the purchase. While phone based applications like Harry’s Lap Timer are excellent for getting a good idea of what you are doing on track, professional level equipment like the Race Keeper allows much better analysis of the data. If you have your own data aquisition system, I can bring a computer so we can analyze the data at the track.

Additional students

Private instruction has the most value when it consists of a single student and instructor. If you’d like to bring a friend, additional students can attend the day at a rate of $200 for the full day (max 4 students) or $100 for a half day (max 2 students).

Realize that each additional student is going to reduce the amount of one on one instruction and that I’d highly recommend sticking with one student.

Additional instructors

I work very closely with a number of the best instructors in the region and can put together a team of instructors if needed.

Track Rental

Non-Member track rental can be provided for Eagles Canyon Raceway, Motorsports Ranch Cresson, Motorsports Ranch Houston and Harris Hill Road. Fees range at or under $250 per driver.

Circuit of the Americas is much more (tens of thousands of dollars for a private rental), but it’s worth it.

A Final Note

As a small business owner, I’m will to be very flexible. If you have some type of business or service that you’d like to offer in exchange for private instruction, reach out to me and make an offer.


To arrange private instruction, email me or call me at (512) 289-4020.


2 responses to “Rich Soule Racing

  • Jeff Carr

    Rich — I want to thank you again for a fantastic weekend at TWS with Drivers Edge. I felt like a learned a great deal and really enjoyed your coaching style and approach. I’ll be doing the January event at TWS with the 2 Eleven. I’d very much like to work again with you, but I know that RIck likes to move folks around so I assume i’ll have another instructor. Either way you’re more than welcome to take the 2 Eleven out. I’ve worked with Jeremy before — whom I also liked. Anyone else you’d recommend?

    Also, great website! When it gets a bit warmer, I’d like to talk to you about a private coaching session at Harris Hill (a track I’ve never run) or TWS.

    Thanks again, happy thanksgiving and all the best,

    Jeff Carr

  • Rich Soule


    Give me a call at the above number and we can chat about instructors and Harris Hill.


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