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See you at Kscope 23!

Today I got two emails from the KScope team:

Dear Richard,

Congratulations! You have been accepted to speak at ODTUG Kscope23, June 25–29, 2023, in Aurora, Colorado!

The following abstract has been accepted for a 60-minute session:

  APEX & ORDS for DBAs and System Admins

Followed by:

The following abstract has been accepted for a 30-minute session.

  You know you might have a bad data model when…

That was followed up by another email from Cary Millsap of Method-R. Cary submitted a session with me as the co-presenter.

The following abstract has been accepted for a 60-minute session.

  Tracing APEX: the Ultimate in Performance Observability

I have the first presentation already done since I just delivered it at the RMOUG conference a few weeks ago. Oracle, of course, released new versions of APEX and ORDS after I thought I was done, including an APEX patch the Monday before I left. I had to scramble to update my content to reflect the new versions right before I left.

Between now and June, Oracle is going to release new versions of APEX and ORDS so I’ll have to update my content for the first presentation.

The 2nd presentation is currently on my whiteboard (It’s really glass… so is it a glass board?) in my office, so I’ll put that together pretty soon.

Cary recently wrote a book that has some good details on his topic for the conference. I’ve been able to review the book and make it a bit better. I’m really looking forward to working with Cary to come up with some compelling content for the conference.

If you are going, you can use code VINS23 to get $100 off your registration. Hopefully, we’ll see you all there!