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I’ve been working with RMAN for quite a while and one thing that has always annoyed me is if you create a database using the RMAN duplicate command, it will always change your DB_NAME to uppercase. Someone logged a bug against this a long time ago and it was closed as ‘not a bug’ because “Doc ID: 2050095.1 Due to many dependencies, RMAN needs to convert DB_NAME and DB_UNIQUE_NAME to UPPER case. This is confirmed by development via Bug 21193086 closed as ‘not a bug’.”

A while ago, during a marathon RMAN duplicate session with a customer, I decided to go ahead and raise the bug again.

I filed the SR above and included the following:

While closed as ‘not a bug’, it most definitely is a bug. There are MANY ramifications of this including scripts, database directory objects (/u01/app/oracle/admin/orcl/dpdump becomes /u01/app/oracle/admin/ORCL/dpdump for example), wallet locations, etc.

Just because whoever wrote this code way back when made a few mistakes doesn’t mean that this isn’t a bug. It is a bug. You are taking a duplicate (clone operation) and arbitrarily changing things that shouldn’t be changed. I spend 14.5 years at Oracle including 5.5 years in development. Far too often there was a joke about “I just status 32’d the issue. If they really care, they’ll raise it again.”

There can’t really be ‘many dependencies’ since this only happens in the very final stage of an RMAN duplicate.

Consider this the “it was raised again”.

After quite a while (and I do mean quite a while) the support team raised my bug with the Oracle development team.

I’m really hoping that the development team comes up with a better solution than they did for the old bug. While you need a support contract to see the solution in Doc ID 2050095.1, if you imagined a scenerio where Oracle said “Deal with it”, you wouldn’t be far off from their current ‘solution’.

I asked Oracle to publish the bug, and they have… Here’s to hoping this gets addressed.