Monthly Archives: October 2020

SQLcl Breaks noncdb_to_pdb.sql (?)

Today I finished off a project where I migrated a database from a non-container database to a pluggable 19.9 database. The final step: run noncdb_to_pdb.sql.

I’ve been using SQLcl without any issues, but for some reason SQLcl (20.2, the latest version) produced an error where SQL Plus didn’t!

 SP2-0603: Illegal STORE command
 Usage: STORE {SET} filename[.ext] [CRE[ATE]|REP[LACE]|APP[END]]

SQL Plus on the other hand ran the same command just fine:

SYS@aurdcon AS SYSDBA> STORE SET ncdb2pdb.settings.sql REPLACE
 Wrote file ncdb2pdb.settings.sql

DBA Masterclass 2020

Today I took the DBA Masterclass Quiz (truthfully just a bit too easy…) and earned the above badge from Oracle.

Oracle put on a three class event that was fun and informative. You can watch the recordings even though the live presentations are finished.

For me, one of the best outcomes was connecting directly with Russ Lowenthal (@RussLowenthall), a member of the Database Security Team, and have a great conversation about fixing the whole tls_wallet (or ssl_wallet if you are a bit older) issue with requiring DBAs to download root and intermediate certs so that the database can access TLS encrypted URLs. I presented Russ with some interesting ideas which he said the database team at Oracle would consider for future releases. Basically we’d all like the ability for the database to ‘just work’ with signed URLs the same way your browser just works.

Here’s to hoping the security team gets around to fixing this!