Oracle Database 12c on Oracle Linux 6 – Step 5: Disable the Firewall, iptables and SELINUX

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Click Other….


Enter root as the username and click Log In.


Enter rootroot as the password (or the password you used earlier) and click Log In.


Check Do not show me this again and click Close.


Or don’t check Do not show me this again if you want to see this warning each time you log in to the X-Windows GUI as root. In general you shouldn’t be logging into the GUI as root. We’re going to do so because it will be easier to use some of the system tools (no pop-ups to log in again as root) to configure our system.


Select System -> Administration -> Firewall from the menu bar.


Click Close.


Click Disable.


Click Apply.


Click Yes.


Select File -> Quit to close the Firewall Configuration.


Select System -> Administration -> Services from the menu bar.


Select the ip6tables service and click Disable.


Select the iptables service and click Disable.


Select Program -> Quit to close the Services Configuration.


Right-click the desktop and select Open in Terminal to open a terminal window.


Type the following command and press Enter.

gedit /etc/sysconfig/selinux


You can use Ctrl-Shift + (the plus key) to change the font size of your terminal windows. I also resize my windows to fill the whole screen. Between major command groupings I’ll also type clear to remove the previous commands from the window and start fresh.


Change SELINUX=enforcing to SELINUX=disabled.


Why disable SELINUX? According to user 546612 on the forums:

Depending on what pieces of Oracle you are using, there are setuid/setgid issues, there are network interactions, there is fork/exec permission stuff, shared memory, etc. Some stuff in Oracle runs as root, especially if you do RAC. There is a whole whack of IPC.

Note that Redhat recently published a paper that describes how to make SELINUX work with Oracle 11g R2 on Redhat which should work on Oracle Linux too. Since this is a test system, disabling was easier…


Make sure your SELINUX line reads SELINUX=disabled and Click Save.


Select File -> Quit from the menu to close gedit.

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