Cars and Code is born

Today I started installing Oracle Enterprise Edition on Oracle Enterprise Linux inside a VirtualBox VM so I could play around with Oracle Application Express. I’d been doing some APEX work for a customer and I wanted to see how different APEX 4.1 was from 4.0.1 that I had been using. After installing Oracle Enterprise Linux, I wanted to upgrade the version of firefox on the virtual machine ‘the correct way’. A lot of the stuff that I found using Google made assumptions. The biggest assumption: You knew exactly what you were doing with Linux. Other assumptions: You were not root. You were root. You were using sudo. You were not using sudo. And so on.

A very long time ago I wrote a step by step guide for installing Oracle WebDB on a laptop. There were NO assumptions. Basically you could hand the document to your grandmother and she could install WebDB (which involved setting up networking, Oracle Database, Oracle iAS before you could even start with the WebDB).

My hope is that I might get the time to write a few new step by step guides for some of the things that I find myself doing every once in a while. Since I needed somewhere to put them, this site was born.

My other source of income is cars. I’m a high performance driving instructor. I spend two to six days each month on a race track teaching people to drive their cars on various tracks around Texas and sometimes travel to tracks outside of Texas to do the same. I also race in NASA TTB and in the 24 Hours of Lemons. Soon I’ll be adding Chump Car racing to the resume.

So every once in a while there might be a post or two about cars.

I hope that I’m able to add content here, and I hope that someone, somewhere has a better day because of it.

Rich Soule


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