I’ll be speaking at Kscope 16!

My presentation topic of “DBAs in the Year 2016” got accepted by the ODTUG team. I’m really excited to be presenting at Kscope again. Kscope is an amazing event where you get to mingle with product managers, developers and designers all with a focus on implementing Oracle technologies in the real world. It’s one of my favorite Oracle technology events.

The complete list of presentations is now on the ODTUG site.

Here’s the abstract for my presentation:

Many (most?) of today’s DBAs are still using ‘best practices’ from 5, 10 or more years ago. Oracle 12c represents a fundamental shift in how databases are built and managed and yet many DBAs are doing ‘the same old thing’. This session will cover the best practices of today, leveraging experiences from deploying dev/test/production databases on multiple Oracle Engineered Systems and other hardware environments in real world deployments. Appropriate for DBAs or those who manage DBAs, this session should give even the most experienced DBAs something that they can take back to the office to make life better for themselves and those that they support.

If you have any ideas on things that should definitely be included in the above, please let me know.


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