Possible ORDS 3.0.9 ‘Doc Bug’

While upgrading a server to ORDS 3.0.9 (from ORDS 3.0.5) and APEX 5.1 I noticed the following output during the ORDS upgrade…

$ java -jar ords.war install advanced
Jan 05, 2017 3:59:43 PM  
 INFO: Updated configurations: defaults, apex, apex_pu, apex_al, apex_rt
 Upgrading Oracle REST Data Services schema to version
 ... Log file written to /home/apache/ords_upgrade_2017-01-05_155943_00336.log
 Upgrading ORDS schema to 3.0.6
 Completed upgrade for Oracle REST Data Services version
Elapsed time: 00:00:16.437 

You might notice that the output has “Upgrading ORDS schema to 3.0.6” even though the version of ORDS is 3.0.9.

Of course the following query does return the right value and ORDS is the correct version:

select * from ords_metadata.ords_version;



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